Specimen Labeling

Proper sample identification is critical to reporting accurate laboratory results. A minimum of 2 patient identifiers is used to definitively identify each patient; all primary specimen containers and submitted slides should be labeled with a minimum of 2 identifiers at the time of collection.

RealLab kindly requests all specimen containers including blood collection tubes, pour off tubes, urine samples, swabs, tissue and Pap collection vials and slides be identified by both full patient name (first and last) and a second identifier. The second identifier is often the date of birth, but this can also be patient ID number or accession number.

Career Oppourtunity

RealLab is rapidly expanding its sales and marketing team across the country. We are looking for Outside Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives with current Physician relationships. In addition there is great room from growth with us as we are looking for candidates that would offer great potential to hire from within into growing District and Regional Manager Opportunities.

The ideal candidate will call on existing relationships and develop a territory surrounding those relationships. We are looking for someone who will grow and expand a marketplace!

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