RealLab employs state-of-the-art technology in all of its laboratories to ensure delivery of the most current and accurate clinical services to all of our partners.

We Help Our Providers Make Informed Decisions. We strive to work closely with our providers so that they can make informed decisions to serve as their basis for treatment plans for their patients.

We are continually adding new and innovative technology and solutions to meet and exceed the growth demands of our clients. Our clients have direct-access approach to the Medical Director allowing us to offer unmatched customer service in our industry.

`Our primary focus is centered around laboratory services including, but not limited to, urine toxicology, blood hormone, and genetic testing.

Toxicology Testing

The solutions we offer are intended to safeguard physicians, patients, and communities from unauthorized use of prescription medications, as well as to provide thorough toxicology results to meet the specific needs of each physician.

The abuse of certain prescription medication continues to rise at an alarming rate. RealLab approaches its relationships with its clients as a collaborative effort to safeguard the physician, the patient and the community by monitoring prescription drug treatment in an effort to identify diversion in the early stages. There is a growing concern from government agencies for the increase in misuse, and treatment plans and monitoring through toxicology screening is often cited as the best method to maintain compliance.

A major aspect of the collaborative approach we take with our clients is providing updated and current information regarding the need for monitoring patients on prescription medications. Staying current on research, opinions, and government regulations is increasingly important as more emphasis is given to the areas of concern, and we provide extensive materials supporting the need for treatment agreements and regular monitoring. We hope that our clients use our services to help them achieve their needs, but regardless of which lab they choose, it is important that we put the information out there so the right course of action can be put into place.

It is well known that the mixing of multiple prescription drugs as well as with illicit drugs can be extremely harmful to a patient. It is important to understand the physiology of their patient, and have assurance that the patient is taking said medication in the prescribed dose. There are numerous accounts of patients either selling medications, or taking multiples from numerous doctors.

In today’s world of growing drug use and prescription drug abuse the physicians need to protect themselves from what has become in all likelihood a very real possibility regarding patients. One simple unknown action on the side of a patient could very well result in a doctor losing his license or facing a courtroom.

Urine Drug Testing provides doctors with the security they need to prescribe the care that their patients require, while also delivering a sense of complete coherence and knowledge of the situation. In a market where information is paramount, it is the physicians’ imperative to ensure the health of his patient while also securing and caring for their growing practice?

RealLab would love to be this security blanket, we expect nothing more than the highest quality and we strive to deliver this quality to our physicians. We have a turnaround time set at 72 hours or less for all confirmation testing from the minute they reach our door, in most cases you will see results in the same day.

Data from 938,586 patient test samples showed that 75% of patients were unlikely to be taking their medications in a manner consistent with their prescribed pain regimen. Thirty-eight percent of patients were found to have no detectable level of their prescribed medication, 29% had a nonprescribed medication present, 27% had a drug level higher than expected, 15% had a drug level lower than expected, and 11% had illicit drugs detected in their urine ... The high observed rate of noncompliance demonstrates a significant clinical concern and confirms the importance of periodic urine drug screening for the population prescribed long-term opioid therapy." - Population Health Management 2009;12:185–190

Genetic Testing

By measuring the mutations of particular alleles we are able to determine patients as ultra-metabolizers, normal metabolizers, intermediate metabolizers, and poor metabolizers. This information itself is enough to reduce the current endemic surrounding adverse drug reactions ($177 billion is currently spent on these maladies). The problem henceforth lies in educating the physician and patient.

RealLab will set your practice apart by giving you compliance and operating assurances previously unknown in the field. Understanding your patient’s genetic makeup enables you to tailor a specific prescription plan, be it painkillers, antidepressants, or anxiety medication, while helping to avoid any unnecessary harm that may be done. This provides a great alternative to the trial and error method used by physicians today, when determining which prescription drugs work best for their patients and which do not.

Blood Hormone

Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring

RealLab delivers precise clinical interpretations and cost effective solutions to our physician providers. With an expert team of clinical toxicology experts, we are ready to support your compliance monitoring needs through efficient processes and on-going research into best practices.

RealLab's solution is based on proven scientific methods and research that will stand the test of time; no gimmicks or "peer reviewed algorithms". Instead, our dedicated team will act as independent fact finders and will help guide you in your journey to uncover the most appropriate testing solutions for your practice.

The RealLab team is continually creating new ways to make physicians' lives easier and patients' lives healthier. Through ongoing research, discovery and development of new approaches to personalized laboratory medicine, we are dedicated to furthering the progress of healthcare today.

Moreover, through early detection and individualized patient results, RealLab enables you to eliminate unnecessary treatments and their related expenses. Our comprehensive testing solutions support a higher standard of patient care and promote ongoing cost savings that benefit the healthcare system as a whole. Our comprehensive testing solutions support a higher standard of patient care

Career Oppourtunity

RealLab is rapidly expanding its sales and marketing team across the country. We are looking for Outside Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives with current Physician relationships. In addition there is great room from growth with us as we are looking for candidates that would offer great potential to hire from within into growing District and Regional Manager Opportunities.

The ideal candidate will call on existing relationships and develop a territory surrounding those relationships. We are looking for someone who will grow and expand a marketplace!

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