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#WorldHepatitisDay: All You Need to Know About Hepatitis

Posted by Shailendra Verma on Jul 27, 2017

Hepatitis is a liver disease. That’s the simplest definition of hepatitis. However, the disease isn’t simple at all. It is one of the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases in the world... Read More

Cprr 1st blog2

This Parents' Day, Give Your Parents A Gift Of Health Checkup

Posted by Anjali Arora on Jul 22, 2017

Annual health screening, preventive health checkup or routine health checkup, is your yearly visit to your physician or healthcare provider. They take you through a series of medical tests and prepare and suggest you a suitable treatment plan...Read More

Career Oppourtunity

RealLab is rapidly expanding its sales and marketing team across the country. We are looking for Outside Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives with current Physician relationships. In addition there is great room from growth with us as we are looking for candidates that would offer great potential to hire from within into growing District and Regional Manager Opportunities.

The ideal candidate will call on existing relationships and develop a territory surrounding those relationships. We are looking for someone who will grow and expand a marketplace!

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