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Choose RealLab for our commitment to Superior Physician Services, Convenience, Technology, Quality, Reliability, and you!

Physician Services


RealLab prides itself with experienced and certified medical technologists who are committed to providing superior quality and service through advanced technology and personal attention. Our services include

Customer Service:

We focus on customer care to provide you with unmatched levels of service.


We provide additional support services designed to provide you and your staff valuable time to invest in the care of your patients.

You will receive a timely, accurate, friendly response – guaranteed. Your satisfaction is always our primary goal.


RealLab is pleased to offer our physician client’s access to our Web Portal, our web based electronic laboratory results system. Our unique Web Portal, is user friendly, HIPAA compliant and accessible directly from our website. All applications are secured through SSL encryption protection, for added security.

RealLab Web Portal allows you to order tests and view or print laboratory results from any PC connected to the web. Your laboratory results are available to you as soon as testing is completed in our lab. You are able to retrieve past patient results, look up specimen requirements prior to specimen collection, review ICD-10 diagnosis codes, and print ABN’s when necessary.

These are only a few of the conveniences brought to you by RealLab. To learn more about how RealLab can help you, please visit our website or contact a member of our sales team.

State of the Art Technology and Instrumentation

RealLab uses LC/MS/MS, the highest analytical standard in the industry, for both initial profiles and confirmatory procedures to provide many test advantages including increased throughput, historically low levels of quantification, specificity and speed. The accurate, objective data reported through LC/MS/MS technology gives you key information for making informed clinical decisions for your patients.

LC/MS/MS is used for the molecular identification and quantification of specific drug compounds. In LC/MS/MS, a liquid chromatograph (LC) is connected to a two-stage mass spectrometer. Separation of the drugs occurs in the liquid chromatograph as the compounds travel through the column. As the injected sample elutes from the column, the drugs are ionized. In the first stage of mass spectrometry, drug ions of interest are isolated. Those selected ions move on to the second stage of mass spectrometry where a unique "drug fingerprint" is produced which is characteristic of that specific drug only.


We practice the strictest Quality Assurance and Quality Management programs in the market place. We garner our strategies from hospital QC methodology as well as CAP, CLIA, COLA, and Joint Commission recommendations.


Guaranteed shortest turn-around times. Every minute counts and we know how frustrating it can be to not have your result when it was promised.

Career Oppourtunity

RealLab is rapidly expanding its sales and marketing team across the country. We are looking for Outside Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives with current Physician relationships. In addition there is great room from growth with us as we are looking for candidates that would offer great potential to hire from within into growing District and Regional Manager Opportunities.

The ideal candidate will call on existing relationships and develop a territory surrounding those relationships. We are looking for someone who will grow and expand a marketplace!

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