Emergency Room Vs Medical Center: Are you paying too much at ER?

Posted by Shailendra Verma on Jul 21, 2017

In medical emergency, a patient has two ways to go. He could visit either a Hospital's Emergency Room or an Medical Center. That without a doubt is a perplexing situation.

Both types of medical facilities (promise to) offer patients immediate attention and treatment. But, then, there are advertising campaigns run by large-scale hospitals with an intent to draw the attention of patients. Patients are promised to get special and urgent attention at the hospital's ER. But, that doesn't actually and usually happen.

Here is a bitter fact - for a majority of hospitals, medical professionals, and hospital staff, patients are just prospects and customers. That's how they are treated. Prospects are drawn in through attractive advertising campaigns, but left neglected when a patient arrives seeking medical attention in an emergency.

Emergency Room Also referred to as (a hospital's) Emergency Department (ED) and Emergency Ward (EW), Emergency Room is a specialty service, under which, the facility provides emergency medicine and treatment to the patient. Patients can avail this service on an immediate basis without having to take an appointment.

Medical Center Medical Center is a medical facility that technically is like a walk-in clinic where anyone in need of urgent medical assistance, medication and treatment can visit. These centers are not hospitals, rather they are dedicated medical facility that provide treatment for injuries, illnesses and various other health problems that require immediate attention.

Why visiting an Medical Center is more convenient for patients? There is an article on Bloomberg, that elaborates "Why a Trip to the Emergency Room Costs a Fortune". The piece of text opens with - "Taking emergency room service even for some trivial and routine of medical urgency can cost thousands of dollars."

Another piece published on the website of The Heritage Foundation mentions that there is a crisis in America's emergency rooms, in addition to suggesting a few solutions to deal with this crisis. Noticeably, these services at a hospital are available twenty hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty-five days a year.

In that picture, it is apparent that these places notice a very heavy traffic, because of which it becomes difficult for hospitals to meet their own promises and the expectations of their visitors.

The Heritage Foundation's article acknowledges that the emergency medical system in the country is overloaded owing to the surged demand of patients and sunken availability of staff. The number of hospitals in comparison to the demand of emergency medical services has not swelled up.

Because of that, it can be voiced that hospitals' emergency rooms face a Himalayan challenge when there is a patient looking for immediate, urgent, emergency medication and medical assistance at their door.

Seemingly, that goes without saying that relying on a dedicated urgent care center is more convenient for patient.

On the other hand, urgent care facilities are built to attend patients and fulfil their urgent medical and medicine needs. The amount of pressure - which comes coupled with the rise in emergency medical requirements - they can handle is unmatchable for a hospital's ERs.

In hospitals, emergency services are just a department. Contrariwise, urgent care centers are full-service emergency medical facility. They can do it all expertly and smoothly, ensuring the safety and well-being of their patient.

When you visit a hospital for emergency medical attention, you may have to wait for your turn. But, at urgent care facilities, such situations generally don't stand up.

Why Gunter Medical Center?

Gunter Medical Center is a community urgent care service that aims to fulfil the urgent medical and family medicine requirements of communities in Gunter. So, if you are in need of a special and instant medical attention, here is a list of features that answer why you should choose us -

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  • Self-pay also available
  • Multiple treatment rooms
  • Waiting area, equipped with coffee, water and entertainment

Moreover, we provide treatment and assistance for common illnesses, trauma and injuries, physical examination, pediatric, vaccination, women-specific treatment, and diagnostic testing. You can visit Gunter Medical Center at all days. To know more, call us at 903-280-7277.